For my September 2017 Blog Post I wanted to write about “back to school” styling since school (junior high, high school, college, etc) is beginning again for many people.

I always looked forward to back to school shopping because it felt like an opportunity to revamp my style. This was a time when I could enhance or completely change my image and styling so I could feel new and fresh for another amazing school year!

Now, I am in my 30s and finished with school, but I have learned some good tips and tricks when it comes to styling your back to school look.

Selecting Your Back to School Style

When it comes to selecting your back to school style, I always advise starting with autumn and winter colors and clothing collections. Look at magazines or online styling publications to learn what this year’s autumn and winter colors and clothing collections will focus on, which are usually announced mid to late summer. You can start looking at spring and summer colors and collections for the proceeding year during late autumn or winter.

Of course, I always recommend that no matter what colors and styles you see in magazines, department stores or on the runway, make sure to choose colors and clothing styles that fit your personal coloring and body figure. You can read my earlier posts on how to style for your coloring HERE and how to style for your body figure HERE.

Bring Your Uniqueness Back to School

Back to school styling is an opportunity to enhance or completely change your image for a new school year. So, even though looking at magazines and online styling publications will give you an idea of the colors and clothing styles that will be in-fashion for autumn / winter / spring / summer, you should also consider adding your own unique “styling touch” to your wardrobe.

One of the aspects I LUV about styling and fashion is that it thrives on unique approaches to enhance this industry. Many popular styling trends are started by people, like you and me, who bring their unique approach in fashion to their everyday wear. 

For example, when I was in high school, stylish visors became extremely popular, especially in rave culture. Visors had been worn for decades earlier by golfers or anyone who wanted to shield their faces from too much sun exposure, but when I was in high school, this type of everyday hat suddenly because a stylish trend for young generations to incorporate into their everyday wear. Further, this trend was started by people like you and me, who wore it often enough that designers noticed this trend in pop-culture and decided to incorporate this everyday clothing item into their collections.

So, my point is that wearing what you see in magazines or on the runway is a great way to start your back to school styling, but make sure to add your own unique styling approach because who knows – you might start a trend that will be on everyone’s radar the following school year! Plus, it’s always nice to show what makes you different and special, especially in styling.

Where Can I Find My Back to School Styles?

Everywhere! My one bit of advice for back to school styling – watch out for sales! Some of the biggest back to school sales occur August through September, especially Labor Day, and depending on how much you wish to enhance or completely change you image, a back to school sale to load-up on the items you desire most can be extremely nice.

Also, another tip is that many of the items seen in magazines or on runway may be a bit pricey, and for a student on a budget, buying those items is not an option. 

However, the good part about trending colors and clothing styles is that they are often seen at stores that offer those amazing back to school sales! Therefore, if there are colors and clothing styles that you have seen in a magazine or on the runway that you really desire to complete your back to school style, I guarantee that you will be able to find them at stores that price their items more moderately.

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