Swimwear Styling for Bikini / Beach Season

For my June 2017 Blog Post I thought it would be perfect to write about styling your swimwear for “bikini / beach season”! 

June is the start of summer and the perfect time to start taking a nice dip in the pool, lake or beach. Unfortunately, not everyone, including myself, finds themselves 100% prepared to squeeze into a tight little bikini. Luckily, there are several ways to select and style your swimwear so you feel confident in the water.

What Types of Swimwear are Available?

The traditional swimsuits include: One Piece and Bikinis. These two types of swimwear can come in a variety of designs, especially for top and bottom coverage, such as Triangle, Halter or Bandeau Tops, and Thong, Hipster, Scoop, High Waisted, Skirted, Boy Short and Tie Side Bottoms.

Selecting and Styling Your Swimwear

When it comes to picking out and styling your swimwear, I always recommend styling for your unique body figure – just because everyone is wearing a thong at the beach does not necessarily mean you should. In the end, we all have different body figures, and fortunately, there are many, MANY different types of swimsuit designs available to accommodate each unique body figure.

If you need help selecting the best swimsuit for your body figure, please read my blog post, “You CAN Pull-off that ‘Look’!” by clicking HERE, and keep in mind that the key is to choose swimwear that will balance your body proportions.

Below are the typical categories of various body figure types AND what to look for in swimwear that will balance the proportions for each body figure listed:

Rectangular-shaped bodies have their weight evenly distributed throughout their body and are “athletic”…

  • What swimsuit to look for? Swimwear that has less coverage and more decorative elements that will enhance the body’s curves. This body figure can also wear Thong, Hipster and Boy Short bottoms very well as these bottoms help to accentuate the curves of the lower body area.

Pear-shaped bodies carry their weight in their lower body – the slimmest part being the upper body…

  • What swimsuit to look for? Swimwear that provides simple coverage for the bottom area, such as Scoop or Skirted bottoms, and incorporates design elements that draw attention towards the slim upper body / neckline, such as a one piece with a plunging neckline or fringe around the breast area.

Hour Glass-shaped bodies carry their weight in the upper and lower body areas – the slimmest part being the waistline…

  • What swimsuit to look for? Swimwear that accentuates this figure’s natural curves. One Pieces and Bikinis that feature Halter, Triangle and Bandeau tops and Hipster, Scoop, High Waisted and Tie Side bottoms bring attention to this figure’s natural curvature. Also, swimwear that displays bold colors and prints will best display the natural curves of this body figure type.

Cone-shaped bodies carry their weight in the upper body – the slimmest part being the lower body…

  • What swimsuit to look for? Swimwear that provides support to the breast area, such as molded cups in Triangle and Halter tops. Avoid tops that use extra design elements or fabric that would add to the upper body. Instead, choose bottoms that have extra decorative elements to draw attention away from the upper body, such as Tie Side Bottoms.

Diamond-shaped bodies carry their weight in the stomach area – the slimmest parts being the upper / lower body areas…

  • What swimsuit to look for? Swimwear that uses more fabric and decorative elements towards the upper body to create the illusion of a larger breast area. Choose a One Piece or a Tankini that has a Scoop bottom or a Bikini with a High Waisted bottom to provide coverage to the stomach area.

Where Can I Find Swimwear?

Everywhere! However, I always advocate for purchasing from small businesses and boutiques – not only do they have a very unique selection but small businesses will often take custom order requests to accommodate your desire for swimwear that will look best on your unique body figure.

To be honest, growing-up I was a surfer, and this sport is NOT as glamorous as it is portrayed in the movies. I did not wear a string bikini to the beach to go surfing as seen in the film Blue Crush. Instead, I wore board shorts and a rash guard or a wetsuit, which are more conducive to the sport of surfing. 

It was only after I injured my shoulder and had to stop surfing that I even considered wearing a traditional swimsuit to the beach, and when I tried on my first bikini, I felt downright awkward! I was not used to showing so much “skin,” and at first, I only wore boy shorts and a tankini top.

Luckily, over time, I have found excellent swimwear sources that make me feel very confident during “bikini / beach season” AND provide a fun selection of swimwear for any body figure type:

Accessories for Swimwear

Don’t forget that part of the fun in styling your swimwear look for summer are the accessories! Sunglasses, body chains, sandals, body wraps, and of course, flower crowns are all accessories that can enhance to your bikini / beach look. Check-out the below designers for wonderful accessories to accompany your swimwear:

A BIG thank you to the LUVly ladies from the PageantofHope.org who provided our top / cover photo - they are all wearing custom Kitty Katrina Flower Crowns!

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