For my August 2017 Blog Post I thought I would share some strategies that I have learned on how to travel and pack light, while still looking stylish because the summer is when most people take vacations and start packing for their trips.

My experience on this topic actually comes from traveling for business purposes but can also be useful for those who are traveling for pleasure. 

Before starting Kitty Katrina, for my prior profession I traveled frequently to various conventions and events to interface with existing and new clients. 

Sometimes, I would visit several destinations during one trip that had completely different climates. Most of my trips required that I pack clothing that could be worn for several different occasions occurring in one day without needing to change.

Regardless if your trip is for business or pleasure, I have learned that packing light and still looking stylish in our clothing selections is the first step to enjoying yourself while you travel.

Travel with One Suitcase

The first strategy I have learned to travel light is to pack all of your items in ONE suitcase, excluding one tote bag / purse for carrying certain items with you at all times. Many people pack several large suitcases full of items that they never wear, mainly because they want to have a variety of clothing styles to choose from when they arrive at their destination.

I remember when I went on my first business trip for a week – I packed two LARGE suitcases. I cannot remember the exact items I chose to take with me but I can definitely remember pulling around those heavy suitcases, which was a painful experience. I also remember that when I got to my destination, I only wore a suit jacket and slacks the entire time, most of the other clothes I packed went unworn.

After this experience, I decided to become far more selective about what I would take on any of my travels, including vacations. In becoming selective about my packing process, I learned that you can still look stylish and fit all of your items in one suitcase and here is how…

Make an Itinerary

When you are going to travel, making an itinerary is necessary, whether it’s for business or pleasure. Start by writing down the activities and locations for each day of your trip.

When making an itinerary for the purposes of packing one suitcase, the main parts you will want to focus on are:

  1. What are the activities for each day? For example, will you be dining out in the evenings and if yes, will the restaurants be casual or fancy? Or perhaps you will be walking for a majority of the day and if yes, where will you be walking?
  2. What is the climate of your destination? Will you be visiting a hot, cold or moderate climate?

Select Clothes that Match Your Itinerary

Next, pick clothing that can be worn in multiple ways for several days that will work for 1) your activities and 2) the climate(s) listed on your itinerary.

For example, let’s say you will be attending a wedding in Hawaii during August. In that case, you will most likely want to pack casual and formal attire that will work best in a warm climate.

Select Multi-purpose Clothing

Clothing that is “multi-purpose” means that you can style one clothing item in several ways to wear to different occasions that gives the appearance of wearing different outfits.

For example, a wrap dress can typically be “wrapped” and styled in multiple ways, giving the appearance of different dress styles. Wrap dresses are also sold in a variety of fabrics that are suitable for different climates. With a wrap dress, one day of your trip you might choose to wrap your dress in a halter top style for a casual occasion and the next day of your trip, you might choose to wrap your dress so you have cap sleeves for a formal occasion.

The wrap dress is just one example but it illustrates the point – select a few pieces of clothing that can be worn and styled in multiple ways, which means you will have stylish outfits for several days and still travel / pack light.

Accessories for Multi-purpose Clothing

When you travel with multi-purpose clothing that can be styled in different ways, you will definitely have extra room in your suitcase. In this situation, you might choose to pack a few extra goodies to wear on you trip and I recommend focusing on accessories to help style your clothing further.

For example, let’s say you travel with one wrap dress to be worn on several days, I would recommend packing a pair of flat shoes and heels so you have shoes suitable for casual and formal styling with this one wrap dress. You can also select hair accessories and jewelry that will work well for a casual and formal style with this one dress.

When I travel, I always pack three of my Kitty Katrina flower headbands – they are lightweight and small and help me to accessorize my one or two outfit selections differently so it will look like I am wearing a different clothing style each day.

In the end, depending on the length of your trip, I have learned that you can usually travel with only a few outfits and if you choose the correct accessories, this can expand your two outfits into four or six different styles that can be worn multiple days to different occasions while allowing you to pack light and above all, focus on enjoying your travels and making beautiful memories!