You CAN Pull-off that “Look”!

Welcome to the first Kitty Katrina Blog Post! Written by, yours truly, Kat – Owner / Maker / Designer of Kitty Katrina Hair Accessories.

For my first post, I wanted to write about a topic that stems from a phrase I hear from many people who try new fashion “looks” / styles.  I often hear people say to me, “I can’t pull-off that ‘look’.”

This is why I planned to write this post for January, 2017 because I want everyone reading to add to their “New Years Resolutions List” a simple but valuable phrase – “I CAN pull-off that ‘look’.” I will explain why you can wear any style of clothing / accessories you desire by following a simple strategy – style for your figure.

We are all blessed with different, beautiful bodies. The shape of our figures make each of us unique and will determine the clothing and accessories we can wear.

To style for your figure, you must first know what type of body figure you have – do you have a Rectangle, Pear, Hour Glass, Cone or Diamond-shaped body and how will you know?

  • Rectangular-shaped bodies have their weight evenly distributed throughout their body;
  • Pear-shaped bodies carry their weight in their lower body – the slimmest part being the upper body;
  • Hour Glass-shaped bodies carry their weight in the upper and lower body areas – the slimmest part being the waistline;
  • Cone-shaped bodies carry their weight in the upper body – the slimmest part being the lower body and…
  • Diamond-shaped bodies carry their weight in the stomach area – the slimmest parts being the upper / lower body areas.

Take a look at your body in a mirror – where does your body carry most of its weight AND what is the slimmest part of your body? Once we know the answer to these questions, we can begin to style for your figure.

When styling for your figure, you must pick out clothing / accessories that will draw attention to the SLIMMEST part of your body. Why do this? Because our larger body parts are already drawing enough attention to themselves since they are the most noticeable portions of the body. By drawing attention to the slimmest portions of the body, you make the large and slim parts of your figure look complimentary.

Let’s use my figure as an example – I have an Hour Glass-shaped figure and the slimmest part of my body is my waistline. Therefore, I might draw attention to my waistline by wearing a belt around the smallest part of my waist; or by wearing a high-waist skirt with a crop top so people can see my slim waist; OR, for a more formal “look,” by wearing an empire waist dress, a style of dress that is designed to bring attention to the waistline. In other words, I will style for my figure by wearing clothes and accessories that bring attention to the smallest part on my Hour Glass-shaped body – the waistline.

So, getting back to why I wrote this post, whenever you hear that inner voice tell you that you “can’t pull-off that ‘look’,” just remember – YES YOU CAN! Keep in mind that a “look” / style can be almost anything from pin-up, to bohemian, to formal, to relaxed, etc. You can wear clothing and accessories that are completely different in style as long as the specific garment and accessories within that style compliment your figure using the technique explained above.

So, once more – you CAN pull-off that “look.” Just make sure you style for your specific figure and you will be ready to do your little cat-walk anywhere you go!

My next post on February 1st, 2017 will focus on choosing color tones in clothing and accessories that compliment your body coloring / figure.

Thanks for reading and sending you all lots of LUV!


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