For my November 2018 Blog Post I wanted to share what all of us at are most thankful for this Small Business Saturday…psst, it’s YOU!

Small Business Saturday

Every year, the Saturday following Black Friday is known as “Small Business Saturday.” This day celebrates small businesses everywhere and gives shoppers the opportunity to buy unique items from these small businesses, supporting their future growth.

Kitty Katrina has always represented a big dream – to share LUV with others, making this world a happier place. When I first started, I never thought this dream would grow into what it has become today – a thriving, small business with a serious flower hair accessory obsession! 

I LUV everything about making flower hair accessories and my dream has always been to share this LUV and my creations with the world. Every time I complete a hair accessory and it is shipped, I feel as though a piece of myself has been shared with someone and my wish is that it makes the recipient feel happy, magical, special and LUVed. 

The most rewarding part of sharing my creations with our customers has been the continued support we receive afterward. This support demonstrates that my work is appreciated and most of all, LUVed in return, which makes me so thankful!

While there are days where I question if what I am doing is helping my small business, I remember how thankful I am to our customers for their support and this pushes me through any difficulties I face.

Show Support - Shop Small

It is because of my feelings that I know how important it is to support other small businesses, which is why I choose to do virtually all of my holiday shopping on Small Business Saturday.

Sure, I will buy a copy of that film I’ve been wanting or perhaps a floor mat for the kitchen on Black Friday when these mass-produced items are severely discounted, but when it comes to buying something special for my friends, family and even myself – I wait until Small Business Saturday.

Not only does shopping with small businesses on this day show those businesses that you appreciate and LUV them but you are contributing to the health and growth of our local economies. You are making a direct impact and difference in the lives of the people who run those small businesses. You are affecting positive change in this world. When has spending money ever felt that good? Only on Small Business Saturday!

Therefore, I encourage everyone to do the same and shop small on Small Business Saturday every year :)

How can you find other small businesses to shop from on this day? I recommend Etsy and Amazon Handmade as online resources. Also, visit local, boutique shops in your area, which are generally not crowded on Saturday since most people will have completed their holiday shopping on Black Friday. Your local, small businesses will be thrilled to see your beautiful face in their shop on Small Business Saturday!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support of not only Kitty Katrina — but ALL small businesses — it means so much to us and we are forever thankful for YOU!


Kitty Katrina