From the Haight to Blossoms with LUV!

Kitty Katrina Designer / Creator, Kat, moved to the San Francisco Bay Area when she was 7 years old and became inspired by the diverse fashions that surrounded her. She started mixing and matching styles she found on Haight-Ashbury and Telegraph Avenue, which eventually led her to study design / styling and create flower hair accessories.

Now based in Reno, Nevada, Kat has been designing a variety of flower hair accessories for nearly 20 years, which are a reflection of pop-culture and a combination of fashion genres she fell in LUV with while living in the Bay Area, such as BoHo, Kawaii, Rave, Couture, Punk, Pin-up, Hi-Fi and more.

Kat has discovered that flower hair accessories compliment any and every outfit for all occasions. Whether you're wearing your favorite bohemian fashion; dancing at a festival; getting married; flashing your pin-up style; dressing in costume; getting ready for a cosplay adventure, or just taking a "selfie" - a flower hair accessory will make you stand-out because everyone LUVs the girl / woman with flowers in her hair!

What makes unique is that all listings / flower hair accessories are either made-to-order and / or allow buyers to customize their accessory directly within the Item Listing / Description, which makes each hair accessory one-of-a-kind. We would LUV to hear from you to make further customizations as well.

Also, why do we keep using the word "LUV" in this story instead of "LOVE"? The word "LUV" has special meaning for Kat because she believes that by spreading "love," we can make this world a happier place :) Sounds corny but it's true! Kat spreads her love through her custom flower creations so people can always feel happy and beautiful, and she spells the word differently - LUV - because this is her special signature to symbolize her mission: to always spread the love (or for us...the LUV)!

-Fun Fact: We are BIG animal LUVers and a percentage of ALL sales at goes to help rescue animals receive food, medical attention and shelter - we greatly appreciate your support so we can continue to help animals in need of LUV and care every year! 

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